Guidance for Submitting a Reconsideration Report

This guidance is provided for institutions that are submitting a Reconsideration Report following a preliminary decision to deny or revoke accreditation by the Unit Accreditation Board (UAB). Institutions receiving a decision of denial of accreditation or revocation of accreditation may submit a response to the adverse decision for reconsideration by the UAB at its next meeting before the decision becomes final.

Units preparing a Reconsideration Report should respond specifically to the standard(s) that was found not met by the UAB. When the UAB reviews the Reconsideration Report, it will also have access to the previous accreditation action report, the BOE report, and if available, the Offsite Report, IR Addendum, the institutional rejoinder and team chair response from the visit.

The Reconsideration Report must:

  • Address only the standard or standards that were not met.

  • Describe what existed at the time of the onsite BOE visit. Changes made by the unit after the visit cannot be considered by the UAB in its deliberations.

  • Include evidence that were available to the BOE team. Such evidence might include unit assessment systems, assessment instruments, budgets, policies, etc.

  • Relate the narrative directly to the NCATE standards and procedures that applied at the time of the onsite review.

The following are formatting and transmittal requirements for submission of the Reconsideration Report:

  • A Reconsideration Report must be no longer than 25 pages plus appendices containing selected evidence to support the points made in the report.

  • Evidence must be submitted as appendices to the Reconsideration Report and should not exceed 4 documents but should not exceed 25 pages in length. Links to evidence will not be accepted.

  • Specific sections of the submitted evidence that the UAB should review should be clearly marked.

  • The standard(s), each area for improvement addressed, and each document submitted should be clearly identified.

  • The areas for improvement being addressed should be restated with the language from the "Accreditation Action Report."

  • The evidence should be labeled so that it is clear which standard it addresses. The evidence may be in appendices or in the body of the text.

  • The entire document, including appendices, should be paginated.

  • The report and any accompanying appendices must be transmitted to NCATE as electronic documents through AIMS.

The UAB will consider the Reconsideration Report at its meeting following the adverse action. If the UAB grants the institution first or continuing accreditation, the next visit will be scheduled consistent with the institution’s regular accreditation cycle. If the UAB is not satisfied that the standard(s) have been adequately addressed, the unit may appeal the original adverse action, or if the unit does not appeal, the adverse action will be final. Institutions will be notified of accreditation decisions within two weeks after the next UAB meeting.

Revised: April 2011