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Online Evaluations

The post-visit evaluations of team members and the NCATE process completed by the unit representative and by team members are critical to NCATE's operations. Evaluations of BOE and state team members help to determine if the individual continues to be suited for thier role on the BOE, and if they should receive greater responsibilities, such as an opportunity to chair onsite visits in the future. Evaluations of NCATE process help NCATE staff to shape future operations and make appropriate adjustments and changes based on your feedback. 

Please log into the Institution Evaluation system in AIMS using your institution's username and password provided by NCATE. An institution can only submit one evaluation form for each team member and one evaluation form for NCATE process. If multiple persons want to provide feedback, the answers will have to be averaged or combined onto one evaluation form. If you have any questions about your institution's username or password, please contact