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After The Visit

As soon as the BOE team leaves campus after the exit report, the institution may begin celebrating the completion of the NCATE review, but BOE members still have work to finish before they can call the visit complete. The most important task remaining is editing and finalizing the team report. In addition, evaluation forms should be completed and submitted to NCATE along with the travel voucher for reimbursement of expenses. All of these activities should be completed by team members within 52 days of the visit. In addition, after the unit submits its rejoinder to the BOE report, the team chair has the opportunity to provide a written response to the institution’s rejoinder.

Team chairs may have other responsibilities following the visit, particularly if the UAB decision is other than accreditation and the unit decides to appeal the decision. Therefore, team chairs should retain their notes regarding the visit until they have received notification from NCATE that the unit was accredited. This information can now be accessed from NCATE’s website and AIMS soon after a UAB meeting. If the institution that was visited is not on the list of UAB actions, the unit is appealing the decision. Team chairs or their designees must participate in an appeal. Notes from the visit and team meetings are often helpful references when the Review Panel asks questions during the appeals hearing.