How to Access and Submit the 2012 NCATE/AACTE Annual Report/Part C


  1. Go to the AIMS homepage at
  2. Enter your educator preassigned credentials. If you do not know the login ID or password, please check with your NCATE Coordinator, then contact if further assistance is needed.
    aims login screen

    Your home screen will look like this:
    AIMS homes screen once logged in
  3. Click on “Annual Report System (ARS)” on the left side menu.
    left hand menu with annual report system link
  4. Click on the hyperlinked “2012,” under the “Year” column to open the report template. NOTE: In this image the 2011 (A) is circled because the 2012 report is not available until January 10, 2013. Once the report is available, a 2012 link will be visible and active.

    To view past reports, click on the PDF icon (B) under the “Submitted Report” column.

    report template interface 
  5. Complete the appropriate sections. For more information on how to complete the sections of Part C, see the FAQs page.
  6. After working on a section of the report, you can choose to click “Save” (saves the work completed), "Save & Quit" (saves the work and exits the template), or “Next" (goes to the next page).

    With “Save & Quit” the report is saved as a draft and can be opened at a later time for editing and/or completion. NOTE: NCATE will not review documents submitted as drafts.
    save save and quit and next buttons
  7. After you have completed the report, click "Submit." This saves the document as a final version and indicates that your report is complete. Once you submit the document, you will no longer be able to edit it. NCATE will send you a confirmation email acknowledging that your institution has submitted the 2012 AACTE/NCATE Annual Report/Part C.
  8. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail or if you have any other technical difficulties, please contact NCATE Tech Support.