As of September 1, 2013, CAEP will no longer be accepting Intent to Seek forms or new precondition reports. EPPs that are interested in CAEP accreditation should seek information related to CAEP eligibility.”

The preconditions ensure that an educator preparation provider (EPP) seeking NCATE accreditation for the first time has met fundamental requirements that undergird NCATE’s standards for accreditation. The six preconditions and the Preconditions Report review process are outlined below.

At least one semester before submitting a Preconditions Report, an EPP must notify NCATE of its interest.

Preparing to Submit the Preconditions Report

EPPs must meet all preconditions and be accepted into candidacy prior to hosting an accreditation visit (see First visit timelines). The Preconditions Report should be submitted approximately three semesters prior to its planned BOE visit (see Precondition Report submission  dates). It is very important that NCATE be notified prior to submission of the Preconditions Report.

The Preconditions Report should address all six preconditions and follow the guidelines for submission.

The Preconditions Report Review Process

Precondition 4, the conceptual framework, is reviewed by members of the Annual Report and Preconditions Audit (ARPA) Committee at its next scheduled meeting; other preconditions are reviewed by NCATE staff. The committee and staff may find that all of the preconditions have been met or not all of the preconditions have been met. In the first case, candidacy will be recommended to the Unit Accreditation Board; in the second case, the institution will be asked to submit additional or revised documentation. After the ARPA Committee meeting, NCATE will send the EPP a Candidacy Review indicating whether preconditions have been met. If some preconditions are not met, the Candidacy Review will request additional information.

Precondition 3 is considered met when the unit has submitted the list of programs and has indicated the commitment to submit reports of the listed programs for national review one year before the visit. Institution should note that all program reports must be submitted before the visit can occur.

EPPs may be invited to resubmit their conceptual framework to the ARPA Committee twice, for a total of three submissions. If the third attempt does not meet the requirements, the EPP is asked to wait a year before submitting its conceptual framework for consideration.

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