Becoming a Candidate for Accreditation
As of September 1, 2013, CAEP will no longer be accepting Intent to Seek forms or new precondition reports. EPPs that are interested in CAEP accreditation should seek information related to CAEP eligibility.”

This section is designed for educator preparation providers (EPPs) planning to become a candidate for NCATE accreditation. Visits are scheduled after EPPs have met preconditions, submitted programs for national review (if required by the state), and submitted a date for the visit after the state has agreed to it.

Under NCATE‘s performance-based accreditation system, the unit must meet each of the six standards in order to be accredited for the full cycle. Units that do not meet all standards may be granted accreditation for up to two years or denied (see Accreditation Decisions). To assist NCATE in making these accreditation decisions, the visiting team will make recommendations as to whether the standards have been met.