Review of Branch Campuses and Off-campus Programs

The following questions guide a BOE team in its review of off-campus programs:

  • What is the institution’s commitment to the off-campus programs?

  • Why does the institution offer off-campus programs?

  • To what degree do the regular campus faculty deliver the programs?

  • What are the qualifications of adjunct faculty?

  • Is the curriculum an extension of what is offered on-campus, or is it different?

  • What are the differences in the delivery of on- and off-campus programs, and are those differences appropriate?

  • Are admissions requirements the same or different to off-campus programs, and are those differences appropriate?

  • How many candidates are enrolled in each off-campus program?

  • How are off-campus programs financed and administered?

Units should make arrangements for BOE team members to interview candidates, faculty, and administrators in off-campus programs. If candidates can complete their full education program at an off-campus site, the off-campus programs have extensive offerings, or a large number of candidates participate in the off-campus programs, team members will probably choose to visit the sites. In other cases, interviews and tours might be arranged electronically (e.g., video conferences or e-mail communications). If sites that are to be visited are not geographically close to the main campus, additional team members may be added to the team. Decisions about whether to visit one or more off-campus sites is determined by the BOE team chair in consultation with the unit representatives, state consultant, and NCATE.