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The Exit Report

The BOE team is scheduled to leave campus in the early afternoon on the last day of the visit. At some time around noon on the last day, the BOE team chair meets with the unit head and the NCATE coordinator to summarize the team’s findings. If the visit was held concurrently with the state visit, the state team chair and state consultant attend the meeting as well. In the exit report, the team chair provides a general overview of the findings, including the team’s recommendations regarding whether each standard is met, if target level was met on the desired standard, and indicates the areas for improvement that will be cited in the written BOE report. This meeting is often very brief, and does not include discussion or refuting of the information by the unit representatives. 

The information presented in the exit report represents the BOE team's recommendations, but these recommendations are not finalized until the Unit Accreditation Board meeting the following semester and are subject to change at that time.