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The BOE Team Visit

The BOE team will be primarily interested in determining the quality of the unit’s candidates and graduates, as measured by their ability to help all students learn. To that end, the BOE team will spend a substantial amount of its time during the visit examining and assessing the quality of the unit’s assessment system and the data generated by that system. Teams will evaluate evidence, conduct individual and group interviews, visit school sites and observe some professional education classes.

During the visit, teams look for answers to the following questions related to each of the six standards:

  1. What performance assessment data suggests that the unit is producing quality candidates?

  2. What system is being used to evaluate candidate performance and unit operations? How have the results of evaluations been used to guide the improvement of practice within the unit?

  3. How has the unit structured field and clinical experiences? How is the unit assessing the performance of its candidates in classroom and school settings?

  4. What curriculum and experiences are planned, implemented, and evaluated to ensure that candidates are able to have a positive impact on students from diverse backgrounds?

  5. How does the unit ensure that its faculty is qualified, models best practices, and received adequate professional development?

  6. Does the unit have to necessary governance and resources to prepare candidates to meet professional, state, and institutional standards?

A template for the institutional site visit can be found on the website.