Budgeting for the Visit

NCATE charges educator preparation providers (EPPs) a Periodic Evaluation Fee per Board of Examiner (BOE) team member. The number of BOE team members assigned to an EPP is usually three to eight people, and is determined by the NCATE Accreditation and Program Review Department, based on factors including number and size of the EPP's programs and the state partnership agreement, following the guidelines outlined at BOE Team Member Visit Appointment Guidelines.

In addition to the Periodic Evaluation Fee, the EPP will continue to be directly responsible for arranging and paying for:

  • travel and incedental expenses (parking, meals, and other transit expenses) for team members*;
  • the hotel expenses for team members;
  • workrooms at the hotel and on campus for the visiting team, with Internet access;
  • transportation from the destination airport to and from the hotel, and transportation to and from campus from the hotel;
  • meals and refreshments for the team during the visit;
  • computer rentals if necessary; and
  • supplies provided for the team members in their workroom.

This strategy gives the EPPs as much cost control as possible, e.g., selection of the hotel, and sending a graduate student to the airport to meet team members rather than having the team rent a car. It also minimizes the out-of-pocket or credit card load to volunteer BOE members. If it is not possible for the EPP to set up direct-billing arrangements, please contact the NCATE Finance Department for assistance. 

The chair of the BOE team conducts a previsit with the EPP. The EPP will be responsible for the expenses of the previsit according to the same guidance and expectations listed above.

*For more information on Deferred Payment Options for Travel and Incidental Expenses and Invoicing Options, please visit the CAEP Fees web page.