Logistical Arrangements

Educator preparation providers (EPPs) hosting visits now have the following options when planning the onsite visit:

  1. The previsit may be conducted electronically by the BOE team chair rather than in person.
  2. Poster sessions by EPP representatives are optional.
  3. A formal Sunday night dinner is no longer necessary. 
  4. focused visit may be conducted virtually.

Logistical arrangements for the onsite BOE visit should begin months before the scheduled visit to ensure that the visit runs smoothly. Usually the NCATE coordinator is responsible for this planning. The following list should guide the NCATE coordinator in making the necessary arrangements:

  • Schedule a previsit for the BOE team chair, state consultant, and/or state team chair or co-chair. Begin making these arrangements soon after you receive the name of the team chair in AIMS.
  • Make hotel/motel reservations for all team members and state representatives. The following suggestions should determine the selection of a hotel:
    • The hotel should be located near the campus in order to minimize travel time.
    • A private single room should be reserved for each BOE team member and state representative.
    • A meeting room in the hotel where team members may work upon their arrival and throughout the visit should be reserved. This room should accommodate work space for the team and should include a printer hookup. 
  • The team chair should be consulted regarding how he/she would like the hotel meeting room arranged and the types of supplies that are needed.
  • Because meals are often used as work sessions, there should be a restaurant in or near the hotel, or meals should be arranged to be delivered to the team. EPP representatives should not plan to eat meals with team members unless specific arrangements have been made to do so with the team chair. All meals while on campus and at the hotel need to be provided or arranged by the unit for the BOE team. 
  • Direct billing to the college/university for the hotel should be arranged. If it is not possible to arrange for direct billing of hotel expenses, please contact NCATE’s Director of Finance.
  • Arrange transportation for team members upon arrival and departure at the local airport and between the hotel and EPP. The arrangements should be made in consultation with the BOE team chair. EPPs often opt to send an EPP representative, employee, or graduate assistant to transport team members.
  • Indicate to the team chair what airport should be used for team travel. Indicate the approximate travel time from the airport to the hotel. EPPs have the option of letting BOE members book thier own travel through Gant (as has been the practice) and receive an invoice from NCATE, or a representative from the unit can make flight arrangments for each BOE member to allow for more cost control. 
  • Make the following provisions on campus:
    • Set up a workroom for the BOE team. This workroom should not be used for individual or group interviews. The workroom should provide as much privacy as possible. Check with the BOE chair to determine how he/she would like the room arranged. Also check with the BOE chair as to supplies that should be available in the campus workroom, as well as what technology is required or desired by the team (i.e., Internet access, printers, etc).
    • Most of the exhibits should be accessible electronically, but if any exhibits need to be delivered in paper form, ask the chair how he/she would like to receive those. 
    • Check with the team chair for additional information about technology needs. In consultation with the team chair, the following technology provisions should be made:
      • Reliable internet access in the hotel and on campus workrooms. 
      • Printing capacity in workroom and at hotel.
      • Name and contact information of technology support person.
      • Orientation to any website or electronic databases as part of introduction to the unit.
      • Arrangements for video-conferencing of interviews at off-campus and branch campus sites if applicable.      
  • Arrange support services for the BOE team during the visit. This support might include the following:
    • Support staff assistance if requested by the team chair.
    • Convenience of access to restroom facilities, and kitchen or vending machines.
    • Arrangements for off-campus visits.
    • Arrangements for observation of professional education classes (if requested by team chair).
    • Access to candidate and faculty records on campus that were not accessible electronically. 
    • Access to samples of candidate products that were not available electronically (e.g., papers, theses, portfolios, and dissertations).
  • Arrange for interviews and off-campus visits as outlined in the template for the visit and agreed upon with the team chair and state consultant during the previsit.
  • Prepare nametags for BOE members so that they can be clearly identified by EPP representatives. Also consider asking faculty to wear nametags during the visit, particularly in group interview settings.
  • Provide clear directions and/or escorts to scheduled interviews. (In some cases, provision of transportation to distant sites on campus may be required.)
  • Sunday evening poster sessions are now optional. If you plan to have a poster session, discuss the plan with the team chair. If the poster session is not in the hotel, arrange for team travel to the function.