Guidelines for Completing the Required Tables in the Institutional Report

NCATE expects a professional education unit to have 2 to 3 years of data available for review by the Board of Examiners (BOE) team at the time of the visit. The goal is that units continue to systematically and regularly collect, compile, aggregate, disaggregate, summarize, and analyze data on candidate performance. Data are disaggregated for all programs for which NCATE national accreditation is applicable. Data should not be disaggregated by site. However, it is recognized that a state may require additional data about preparation providers operating in that state. If additional data are required, NCATE may include such data as part of the accreditation review. (Adopted 10/2013)

Data reported in the institutional report (IR) should be for a recent 12-month period. The team will be able to determine during the on-site review that the unit has been collecting data regularly and systematically for the past 2 to 3 years and using that data as appropriate.

Guidelines for Completing the Tables in a CI Institutional Report (MS Word)