Participation of State Authorities with NCATE on In-State Visiting Teams

Realizing the value of an in-state perspective, NCATE has made provisions for the assignment of adjunct, in-state representatives on each BOE team: one from the state agency with program approval authority (the state department of education or an independent professional standards board) and one from the state affiliates of both NEA and AFT. The following policy governs this representation.

The state NEA\AFT affiliate and the state agency shall each have the option of assigning a representative to each NCATE visiting team appearing on campuses within their respective states. The following conditions shall apply:

  1. the state NEA\AFT affiliate and the state agency shall be responsible for the costs of their respective representatives;

  2. the state agency shall name its consultants;

  3. the state NEA\AFT affiliate shall present names to NCATE; as with BOE members, institutions are allowed to veto members nominated to serve on teams only if it can be demonstrated, in writing, that a potential conflict of interest exists;

  4. the state NEA\AFT affiliate representative shall be a professional who is actively engaged in school activities at the pre-collegiate level (e.g., elementary or secondary teacher, or administrator);

  5. these persons must meet all appropriate qualifications for services as set forth in the NCATE Guidelines for Ethical and Professional Participation in Various NCATE Activities; and

  6. these persons shall be full participants in discussions and data gathering for the team.

Team chairs attempt to ensure that state agency consultants and NEA\AFT affiliate members are actively involved and that optimum use is made of their knowledge and skills. Although they are not voting members, state representatives otherwise participate as full members of the team. They usually can identify the unique circumstances of a state and clarify terms and policies that distinguish one state from another.