The Exhibit Room

Exhibits must be attached to the institutional report (IR) beginning with IRs submitted in June 2013. The intention is to have a stable record of the exhibits provided with the IR and reviewed by the BOE.  This does not mean that units should cease to have an online exhibit room that displays candidate data or other electronic means to collect, maintain, aggregate, disaggregate and/or display reports.  On the contrary, this is a practice that NCATE will continue to promote as venues for the unit’s own learning, reference, and continuous improvement. 

The unit organizes and displays documents and other evidence that demonstrate the unit meets standards in the exhibit room. Traditionally exhibit room has referred to the centralized location which housed the evidence. Today units display their exhibits on the institution’s website, which is accessible to team members before they arrive on campus. The BOE team will use evidence in the exhibit room along with interviews, to make a recommendation as to whether the standards are met.