Announcing the Visit and Third-Party Testimony

All educator preparation providers (EPPs) are required to solicit third-party testimony on the quality of their programs as part of the accreditation review process.

Both the EPP and CAEP are required to announce the upcoming visit approximately six months prior to the scheduled date of the onsite visit. CAEP receives written testimony up to three months before the visit. The EPP is given the opportunity to respond to any written comments received prior to the onsite visit. Third-party testimony and the EPP response, if any, become part of the data that the site visit team considers.

Approximately six months (one semester) before the onsite visit, an EPP should announce its upcoming accreditation review, inviting the public to submit written comment to CAEP. At that time, the EPP uploads a copy of the announcement in its AIMS workspace. EPPs may solicit third-party testimony from relevant public audiences, organizations, and stakeholders through direct solicitation and announcements in print and/or electronic media.

Any written testimony submitted to CAEP is uploaded into AIMS to provide the EPP an opportunity to respond to testimony. If the EPP chooses to prepare a written response to third-party testimony, the response should be submitted in AIMS. The institution and site visit team lead will know that no third-party testimony has been submitted if AIMS does not include any entries.

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