Program Report Preparation

How much assessment data are required in our program report?

The following chart delineates the data required for full national recognition:

Program Reports Submitted

Amount of Data Required

Fall 2009 and beyond

A minium of two applications of the assessment for programs submitting initial reports


A minimum of one application of the assessment for programs submitting revised or response to conditions reports

Three years of data for each set of assessments are optimal. However, for newly implemented assessments, you may only have one semester’s worth of data, if that. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to submit a newly developed assessment that meets the expectations of the program report, than it is to submit a less compelling assessment for which you have several years of data. (Note: assessments still in the “planning stage” are not likely to carry much weight.)

NOTE: For units undergoing accreditation for the first time, programs are expected to be able to include in their program reports at least one year of data on all assessments in order to be eligible for full national recognition. They will be expected to have two years of data at the time of their unit visit.

What can we include as attachments to the report?

Only the items specified in Sections I and IV of the report form may be attached to the report. Institutions will not be able to attach or submit any extraneous documentation with the report (e.g. handbooks, syllabi). Student work samples or artifacts cannot be submitted as part of the program review document. Documentation external to the institution (e.g. a report from the testing agency) will need to be scanned by the institution in order to be submitted as an attachment.

Can charts and graphs be uploaded into the program report template?

Charts and graphs cannot be input into the narrative fields or text boxes in the program report template. However, charts and graphs can be uploaded as attachments in two different places: within Section IV as part of your 6-8 key assessments or in Section I, either in Questions 3 and 4 where charts or graphs relate or enhance the responses to any of the five questions.

What happens if our narrative responses or our attachments exceed the stated page limits?

In PRS, character limits are given instead of page limits for each of the narrative parts of the report. Section I has a limit of 4000 characters per question, except for Section I, Question 2 which has an 8000 character limit. Section V has a 12000 character limit and Section VI has a 24000 character limit. PRS automatically limits the number of characters that can be entered for each narrative response in the report. For attachments, we ask that programs limit the length of each part of the submission to no more than 5 pages with each page approximately equivalent to one text page of single-spaced, 12-point type. This means that the entire file for all documents related to a specific assessment should not be more than 15 to 20 pages. Note: no single attachment can be larger than 2 MB. There is also a limit of no more than 20 attachments per each program report.

If your narrative responses exceed the character limit, your response will be cut off once you reach “0.” This means that your response can be cut off in mid sentence or thought, so please be extremely cognizant of the length of your response. A good way to make sure that your response does not exceed the limit is to write it in a word document using the word count feature as a guide.