Programs and Standards

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Program Standards and Report Forms

In states where NCATE program reviews are required, institutions must submit program reports for programs that align with program standards that have been adopted by NCATE. NCATE does not have standards for all programs that an institution may offer. For any program not covered by a set of NCATE standards, the institution should determine if the state has standards and/or a review process in place for that particular program.

In most cases, abbreviated programs (e.g. add-ons, endorsements, certificates) are not required to write to standards. Most NCATE program standards are written for stand-alone programs. Exceptions to this rule are noted by an asterisk in the chart below.

Initial Teacher Licensure Programs Covered by NCATE Standards

Advanced Teacher Preparation Programs Covered by NCATE Standards

  • Early childhood, elementary, and middle school education

  • SL*, Gifted education, Health education, physical education, special education, technology education, foreign languages education

  • Secondary programs in math, sciences, social sciences, English/language arts, and computer science* education

  • Middle grade programs in math, science, & social studies education

  • Elementary specialist programs in math and science

  • Early childhood, middle school, and physical education


Other Advanced Programs Covered by NCATE Standards

Common Programs for Which NCATE Does NOT Have Standards

  • Instructional technology, instructional media, technology facilitator*, technology leadership, library media specialist, reading specialist, school psychologist, educational leadership, special education (advanced roles)

  • Art, music, dance, or drama education

  • Business, speech, and vocational education

  • Advanced teacher education programs (e.g. M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction) except as noted in box above

  • Guidance counselor