SPA Assessment Library

This new library includes over 250 assessments selected by the Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs) as excellent examples of assessments that were successful in meeting the SPA standards. Clearly, no single assessment will meet an entire set of standards, and there are many ways to meet the same standards—so SPAs identified multiple assessments for this library. It should be noted that the SPAs did not complete any psychometric evaluations of these assessments, but recommended these as exemplars.

Programs are encouraged to use these assessments as helpful guides as they develop their own key assessments for program review. If a program uses an assessment from the library in any published works or presentations, the program should ensure that the original program be given appropriate attribution.

Most of these assessments were included in reports submitted to NCATE during and after Spring 2008. Assessment data are masked wherever there are ten or fewer candidates in a data set. All institutions have granted permission to NCATE to post these assessments.

The assessments listed below for each SPA are listed by type. However, not every SPA recommended assessments for each type. Each type is numbered as follows:

  • #1: Content Knowledge Assessment (state licensure exam, Praxis II or some form of content knowledge assessment if there is no licensure test)
  • #2: Content Knowledge Assessment
  • #3: Assessment of Candidate's Ability to Plan (as appropriate for the discipline)
  • #4: Field or Clinical Assessment (most commonly a student teaching/internship/practicum assessment)
  • #5: Candidate Impact on Student Learning
  • #6: Required Assessment (some SPAs require a 6th type of assessment, other SPAs do not)
  • #7 & #8: Optional Assessments (a few SPAs designate a 7th and 8th assessment)

All files are Adobe PDF format.