Review Cycles and Postponement

Because the public expects accreditation visits to be conducted on a regular review cycle, all educator preparation providers (EPPs) are assigned a semester and year for their next onsite review. Requests for delays of Continuous Improvement visits should be made to the Director of Accreditation and appropriate state agency. Requests for delays related to Transformation Initiatives or International Accreditation visits should be directed to the Senior Vice President and the appropriate state agency. Permission to postpone an accreditation visit for a period of one semester or one year may be granted for good cause, if both NCATE staff and, in states with partnerships with NCATE, the state agree to the postponement. Decisions regarding delay requests will be based on the following factors:

  • desired concurrent NCATE/state review;

  • new state standards or legislation that require significant programmatic change;

  • difficulties related to facilities; and

  • other extenuating circumstances

Changes in personnel, including deans, and restructuring of programs do not necessarily indicate good cause.

To be considered for a delay, the unit should not be designated as low-performing by the state and should be in good standing with the regional accreditor (i.e. not on warning, probation, or notice).

Permission to postpone the visit for a period longer than one year in a given review cycle may be granted for good cause but must be approved by the state, in states that have partnerships with NCATE, and by the Unit Accreditation Board.

If a requested delay is not granted, an EPP may choose to lapse into candidacy for a period no longer than two years. The onsite visit must be scheduled by the institution to take place within two years of the date of the originally scheduled onsite visit.

EPPs will be charged for the expenses already incurred by NCATE at the time the delay was requested and granted.

Although requests for a visit postponement may be made as outlined above, delays are granted infrequently. If a requested delay is not granted, an institution may choose to lapse into a period of candidacy until such time as an onsite review is viable for the institution.

Policy Revised: 10/2011