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Member organizations nominate board members on the basis of demonstrated expertise in professional education, teaching, research, and/or evaluation. Individuals nominated to the BOE should have:

  • demonstrated expertise in the field of professional education, teaching, research, and/or evaluation.

  • skill in use of evaluation techniques, such as the interpretation of quantified data, use of rating scales and questionnaires, interviewing and observation techniques, and analysis of written information.

  • skill in the use of computer technology, including accessing the Internet, using email, navigating websites, reviewing documents on-line, and word processing.

  • good writing skills: the ability to convey clearly and concisely observations and judgments in writing.

  • the ability to make unbiased professional judgments about education units based on the application of national standards.

  • good interpersonal skills: the ability to interact with team members and institutional personnel in a courteous and collegial manner and the ability to work toward consensus in team deliberations.

  • word processing skills and a strong grasp of current technologies.

As BOE visits are intensive and involve long hours, so nominees should have the stamina to participate fully. The nominating agency must assure that the nominee is aware of the time commitments required for service on the BOE. The nominee should assure that his/her employer is willing to grant the appropriate time (e.g., release, contractual, professional) to accept BOE assignments.

BOE members are initially appointed to three-year terms. They undergo intensive training in the application of NCATE standards and in the conduct of an accreditation review. The performance of team members and the chair is evaluated by the institution and by other team members following each on-site review. In addition, the UAB evaluates the quality of BOE team reports. This information is included in the record of each member of the BOE. At the expiration of a member’s term, NCATE reviews the performance evaluations and makes a recommendation to the constituent organization for either reappointing the member to another three-year term or replacing the member. Members may be reappointed for a second three-year term and reappointed for additional terms after participation in another training session .