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Team Assignments

NCATE sends the Date Availability and Conflict of Interest Form to BOE members requesting the dates they are available to serve on a team and asking them to identify any institutions (named on a provided list) with which they have conflicts of interest. The forms are sent electronically about 8 months in advance of the next semester's onsite visits. They should be completed in AIMS within two weeks. Based on the information provided, NCATE makes team assignments and sends an e-mail message inviting BOE members to serve on a team. The e-mail message is a form that includes the name of the institution, the type of visit, and the date of the visit, as well as space for the BOE member to confirm his/her participation in the visit. The BOE member must submit the form confirming his/her participation to NCATE within one week of receiving the invitation to serve. If the form is not submitted, another BOE member may be asked to fill the position.