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BOE Team Members

Board of Examiners (BOE) members are nominated by one of NCATE’s member organizations (e.g., AACTE, NEA, AFT, CCSSO, NAEYC, CEC, or NCTM). After they have successfully completed NCATE’s BOE training session, they are typically assigned to a visit in the following semester. Successful team members:

  • read the institutional report and visit the professional education unit’s website prior to the on-site visit;
  • work effectively as a team member;
  • use multiple evaluation tools effectively;
  • have good interviewing skills;
  • can analyze assessment data;
  • can keyboard, review online material, and use the web effectively;
  • can clearly and comprehensively write their sections of the BOE report; and
  • are professional in all aspects of their NCATE work.

BOE team members are usually assigned to a team six to eight months before a visit. Soon after they accept the assignment, they should receive an email from their team chair with preliminary information about the visit. They may be asked by their team chair to indicate the standards to which they would like to be assigned for the offsite and onsite review. The team chair should be contacted for any information on the logistical details for the visit.

Before the offsite review (and/or onsite visit) of the unit, team members should have read the institutional report and exhibits, visited the unit’s website, and reviewed other unit documentation as available in AIMS. The team member will also draft a section of the offsite BOE report prior to the offsite review meeting date. 

Team members have the responsibility for making their own travel arrangements online through NCATE’s travel agency, Gant Travel. Travel arrangements should be made only after receiving information from the team chair about when to arrive and which airport to utilize. Team members are expected to arrive for the visit as indicated by the team chair, usually either Saturday night or Sunday Morning at the latest. 

Team members usually begin the visit on Sunday afternoon. An orientation to the unit and/or the state partnership agreement may be conducted by the unit representatives or a state consultant during an early team meeting. Depending on the arrangements made by the team chair and the institution, poster sessions by faculty and candidates may occur on Sunday. Team members are expected to participate actively in all of the planned activities. Team members should take additional notes related to the standards for which they have primary or secondary writing assignments as their standards are discussed in team meetings, and as they continue to review exhibits and conduct interviews. 

The team chair will help team members determine who should interview which people on the interview schedule. Team members develop a list of questions related to the standards that should be asked in those interviews. Team members will be collecting data from the interviews that are related to the standards that other team members are writing. They cannot be tunnel-visioned and only look for evidence related to the standards they have been assigned.

Team members will spend most of their time on campus Monday (and possibly Tuesday) in individual and group interviews with faculty, administrators, candidates, alumni, cooperating teachers, internship supervisors, principals, etc. Between interviews, they review documents, compile their notes, and write their sections of the BOE report. The evening of the last full day and the morning of the last day of the visit should be dedicated to writing and finalizing drafts of the BOE report.

During the last team meetings, team members should be clear about the positive findings they need to highlight as well as concerns to include in the BOE report. They should write the areas for improvement that team members think should be cited for the standards they are assigned. Team members must complete their sections of the BOE report for presentation at the exit conference. Team members sections of the BOE report will be available to the team chair in AIMS.

The work of a team member is not complete when they leave the visit. They still have responsibility for reading the edited report when the team chair sends it to them several weeks after the visit. Team members should read the full report and point out to the team chair any discrepancies from the team’s discussions and any inconsistencies across standards. Team chairs appreciate any other editing that a team member is willing to undertake. After the team chair receives feedback from NCATE staff and other team members, she/he may need to contact team members to clarify data in the report or to rewrite a section.

As onsite visits are intensive and often involve long hours, BOE members should have the stamina to participate fully. A BOE member should assure that his/her employer is willing to grant the appropriate time (e.g., release, contractual, professional) to take BOE assignments.

The performance of team members is evaluated by the institution visited and the state and national BOE members on the team. If team members regularly accept assignments and perform at an acceptable level, they usually remain on the BOE for two to three terms.