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States Consultants

State consultants are state employees with responsibility for the approval of teacher education programs in their state agency. They may work for a state department of education, a professional standards board, or a higher education commission. Some states have one consultant who serves as the liaison with NCATE; others have several.

State consultants are a resource to the BOE team before and during the visit. They attend the offsite review in many cases, and also the previsit with the BOE team chair and state team co-chair. They should be included in all of the team chair’s communications with the institution and team about the visit. They conduct an orientation on the state partnership and the state’s expectations during one of the early team meetings (or during the offsite review). Throughout the visit, state consultants clarify state requirements and language for team members. They help the team collect data from exhibits and interviews. They usually accompany the team chairs in their visits to college and university presidents. They also guide state BOE members in the preparation of any reports needed by the state. They sometimes will provide advice to team members about writing the BOE report. They often will assist the team chair in editing the BOE report before the end of the visit.

With the exception of one or two states, state consultants are not members of the team and they do not vote. Instead, they serve as advisors to the team.

Following the visit, state consultants should receive a copy of the draft BOE report in AIMS and may send edits and recommendations to the team chair. State consultants can access the final BOE report and all other institutional documents for institutions in their state from AIMS with a password assigned by NCATE. State consultants also receive a copy of the final accreditation action letter and report for all institutions in their state.