FAQs: Preconditions
As of September 1, 2013, CAEP will no longer be accepting Intent to Seek forms or new precondition reports. EPPs that are interested in CAEP accreditation should seek information related to CAEP eligibility.”


My EPP is already accredited and is coming up for its next visit. Do I need to submit preconditions?

No, preconditions are required only of EPPs seeking NCATE accreditation for the first time. However, your conceptual framework should be evident in the exhibit room. Also, depending on your state’s partnership agreement with NCATE, you may be required to submit program reviews approximately one year before the visit.

Who reviews the preconditions?

The Annual Report and Preconditions Audit (ARPA) Committee, comprised of representatives from NCATE constituent organizations, reviews Precondition 4, the conceptual framework. The ARPA Committee reviews Precondition 6 documentation when the EPP is not eligible for institutional accreditation. NCATE staff reviews Precondition 1-3, 5, and 6.

How will I know whether my preconditions have been met?

After an EPP’s preconditions documents are reviewed, NCATE sends the EPP a report indicating whether the preconditions have been met. If some preconditions are not met, the EPP is asked to submit additional information.

What happens after the preconditions are met?

Once all preconditions are met, the EPP is nominated as a formal candidate for NCATE accreditation by NCATE’s Unit Accreditation Board at its next meeting (April or October). The EPP is then eligible for an on-site visit, and the dates of that visit are officially confirmed. In addition, the EPP is authorized to advise its constituents that it has met its preconditions and is actively seeking NCATE accreditation. The Unit Accreditation Board must establish formal candidacy before an onsite visit may take place.

What if I can’t have my preconditions in by the deadline?

If you miss the deadline, your documents will not be reviewed by the ARPA Committee at its next meeting. This will delay your EPP’s advancement to candidacy and could ultimately postpone your visit.

What if I still have questions about preconditions?

Please contact Dana Leon-Guerrero, Accreditation Associate, at 202.466.7496.