Guidelines for Submission
As of September 1, 2013, CAEP will no longer be accepting Intent to Seek forms or new precondition reports. EPPs that are interested in CAEP accreditation should seek information related to CAEP eligibility.”

Precondition Reports should follow the guidelines below.

  • Include a table of contents indicating where documentation for each precondition can be found.
  • Label each supporting document to match the documentation outlined in the preconditions table (e.g., 1.2, 3.1, or 4.4).
  • Number all pages consecutively, including appendices, attachments, etc.
  • Use a consistent font size throughout the entire document.
  • Submit relevant pages of source documents rather than the full document; do not submit entire catalogs or other extraneous documents.
  • Indicate on source documents (1) the name of the source document (e.g., Faculty Handbook) and (2) the date of the source document.
  • Ensure that each precondition, especially Precondition 4, can stand on its own without the documentation for other preconditions.
  • Scanned letters (PDF format) are acceptable for the documentation requiring copies of letters.
  • Specific to Precondition 3: Include a list of the program reports that are being submitted. The program reports, if submitted, must be submitted in accordance with policies on NCATE Partnerships Agreements and State Protocols. If the institution is located in a state that does not require the submission of program review documents, the response to Precondition 3 should indicate the terms of the State Partnership Agreement regarding program report submission.
  • Specific to Precondition 4 (conceptual framework): Limit the document to 40 pages, including tables and appendices. 
Uploading your Preconditions Report
The Preconditions Report is to be submitted by uploading the files into NCATE‘s Accreditation Information Management System (AIMS).
  • After NCATE has received notifications of plans to submit the Preconditions Report, a workspace in AIMS will be set up for the Education Preparation Provider.
  • Precondition 4, the conceptual framework, should be submitted as one file, and the other preconditions should be submitted as a separate file or files. If the file sizes are large, it might be necessary to upload each attachment as a separate file.
  • Upload the submissions in a format that can be read in either Word or PDF when received at the NCATE office.
  • A How-to Guide on Uploading your Preconditions Report in AIMS is available.