Non-university Providers

Providers ineligible for institutional accreditation[1]  must submit information in response to the following questions:

  1. What security measures are taken by the unit to ensure the security and integrity of student records?

  2. What documentation does the unit have to demonstrate that facilities are safe, secure, and healthy?

  3. What are the unit's policies that ensure the availability of information about governing board members, faculty, and administrators?

  4. What are the unit's policies related to requirements for degrees, certificates, and graduation; fees and other financial obligations of students; conflicts of interest; and non-discrimination and sexual harassment?

  5. Are the unit’s support services sufficiently staffed by qualified personnel?

  6. What are the unit's policies related to faculty tenure, grievance, and discipline?

  7. What are the policies related to academic and intellectual freedoms?

Non-university providers must also submit:

  1. Clean independent audits of a full set of financial statements of the legal entity offering educator preparation programs for the three years prior to submission of the "Intent to Seek NCATE Accreditation Form." The audits should meet the standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants or other appropriate accounting standards generally accepted in the U.S.

  2. The legal entity’s 990 Form (for non-profits) or corporate income tax returns (for for-profits) for the past year.

  3. A business plan that focuses on the unit being accredited. The business plan should include:

    • A business model that briefly describes the services to be delivered, the area to be served, the current and projected number of candidates, recruitment activities, a description of faculty, tuition costs, a budget narrative, etc.;

    • The most current approved budget;

    • Revenue and expense projections for the next two years, including funding streams, the length and percentage of funding from foundation grants, appropriated governmental funds, tuition, funds from elsewhere in the legal entity or its affiliates; costs of facility, payroll, maintenance, etc.;

    • A one to two page narrative describing revenue and expenditure projections for the next 4 years;

    • A one to two page narrative describing the relationship between the unit and the legal entity offering the educator preparation programs; and

    • If tuition based, the tuition refund policy should the educator preparation programs be discontinued.

  4. Annual tax statements. The Financial Review Committee will review these statements in the fall of each year and submit a report to the UAB detailing its findings.

1. Please confirm ineligibility for institutional accreditation with NCATE staff. This documentation will be reviewed by the Annual Report and Preconditions Audit (ARPA) Committee.