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Review of Consortia in the NCATE Review

A consortium is two or more institutions collaborating in the design, administration, and delivery of one or more programs in professional education. All consortium programs for the preparation of school personnel must be included in the on-site review of each institution in the consortium. When a consortium is the professional education unit for two or more institutions, those institutions should seek joint accreditation as a single unit.

Consortium programs must respond to state and professional standards through a review by either the state or specialized professional associations as described in the state/NCATE protocol, which is available on NCATE’s website. Consortium programs will be reviewed in the same manner as other programs. The BOE team will interview program administrators, P–12 partners, candidates in the programs, and faculty. The BOE team will also expect to review assessment data, completion rates, and other performance data for all candidates in consortium programs. The consortium programs may share exhibits related to the programs. The BOE team may cite areas for improvement related to consortium programs within the reports of the individual consortium members.