Withdrawal from Accreditation

An accredited institution that chooses to withdraw from accreditation must submit a letter, signed by the chief executive officer and the head of the professional education unit, to NCATE’s president. Unless the institution stipulates an earlier date of withdrawal, the unit may retain its status as an accredited institution through the end of the academic year if it (1) currently meets requirements for accreditation, and (2) is not scheduled for an accreditation review within the academic year in which notification takes place. If notification of withdrawal is received by NCATE within the academic year during which an accreditation review is scheduled, withdrawal of accreditation is effective at the end of the semester in which notification by the institution occurs. Within 30 days of receiving notice, NCATE will notify the Secretary of Education, the appropriate state agency and regional accrediting agency, and the public, of the institution’s withdrawal of accreditation.