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Board of Examiners

Team members who review an institution on behalf of NCATE are drawn from NCATE’s Board of Examiners (BOE). The board is composed of an equal number of representatives from three constituency groups: teacher educators, teachers, and state and local policymakers/specialty groups. Constituent organizations nominate board members on the basis of demonstrated expertise in professional education, teaching, research and/or evaluation. Members are skilled in evaluation techniques such as the interpretation of quantified data, the use of rating scales and questionnaires, interviewing and observation techniques, reading and analyzing narrative information, writing observations and evaluations, and, foremost, making sound judgments about professional education units.

All BOE members are initially appointed to three-year terms. They undergo intensive training in the application of NCATE standards and in the conduct of an accreditation review. The performance of team members and the chair is evaluated by the institution and by other team members following an on-site review. In addition, the Unit Accreditation Board evaluates the quality of BOE team reports. This information is included in the record of each member of the BOE. BOE members may be reappointed for a second three-year term and reappointed for additional terms after participation in another training session.

Each BOE team assigned to visit an institution includes at least one representative from (a) teacher education, (b) teachers, and (c) other constituencies. Each team should include at least one representative who is a faculty member or administrator in an institution similar in size and type to the institution being visited. Over a calendar year, the total number of assignments from each constituency will be equivalent and teams will reflect a balanced representation of males, females, and persons of color.

Institutions are allowed to veto members nominated to serve on teams only if it can be demonstrated in writing that a potential conflict of interest exists.