Public Representatives to NCATE Policy Boards

Definition of Public Representative

An NCATE public representative is defined as a person whose primary interest, occupation, relationship and/or membership association is outside the field of teacher education accreditation and entities involved in the accreditation system such as colleges and universities. The public representative may not accept remuneration from the accrediting agency for goods or service currently or in the past. Nor shall the public representative be related by blood or marriage to someone affiliated with the teacher education accreditation system - including colleges and universities accredited by the agency (or considering accreditation by the agency), constituent organizations that are members of the agency, or members of the agency's governing boards.

Purpose of Public Representative

The public representative will apply his/her expertise, experience and knowledge to extend the perspective and insights of the work of NCATE specifically and quality of teacher education generally.

Expectation of Public Representative

Public representatives to NCATE policy boards will be full and active voting members of the policy boards, expected to attend all regular meetings of the board and participate in the work of the board. Terms will be three years, with the option for reappointment to one additional term.

Requirements of Public Representative

Prior to consideration for appointment as a public representative to an NCATE policy board, the candidate must submit a letter of consent for consideration as a public representative and a current resume.

Timeline and Process by which Public Representatives are Considered for Appointment.

March 1: Call for candidates sent to NCATE stakeholders: present policy board members, executive directors of NCATE's constituent organizations, deans of NCATE-accredited schools of education and NCATE state partnership contacts.

June 1: Letter of nomination from NCATE stakeholder, candidate’s letter of consent and resume due to NCATE.

July 1–30: Consideration and appointment of public representatives by the Finance, Membership and Personnel Committee of the NCATE Executive Board.

July 30: Announcement of public representatives’ appointments to NCATE policy boards.

Criteria for Selection of Public Representative

  • Candidates must meet NCATE's definition of “representative of the public.”

  • Completed documentation submitted to NCATE (letter of recommendation from NCATE stakeholder, candidate letter of consent, and resume).

  • Candidate meets NCATE conflict of interest policy.

  • Candidate possesses specialized expertise, experience, and knowledge in areas outside the field of education.

Adopted by Executive Board 10/01