Roles of Reviewers

  • Judge alignment of assessment and candidate data with SPA standards

  • Clearly communicate strengths and weaknesses in relation to the standards

  • Make a judgment with a clear and open mind

  • Make a judgment based on accepted criteria rather than personal bias

  • The job of the reviewer is to make as objective an assessment as possible about the degree to which a given program meets the SPA standards, based on candidate performance evidence.

Primary Documents:

The Program Report is the documentation submitted by the program to demonstrate that it meets the SPA standards. All of the information that you will use to make a decision will be found in the Program Report. This document, submitted on-line, is available to you in PRS through AIMS. You can print out individual sections if you’d prefer to work with a hard copy.

As you review the Program Report you will have several documents to work with. The first is the NCATE Reviewer Worksheet (MS Word). Your SPA may have prepared a worksheet that is more specific to you SPA standards that you can also use as you work through the program report. The NCATE Reviewer Worksheet will help you work your way through the standards, and will help you prepare the information you will need to complete the Program Recognition Report. You may want to print this out so you can use it to take notes as you read through the report. This is a personal document and will not be shared with your teammates. You will not submit the Worksheet to NCATE, but we do ask that you destroy it when the review is complete. The Worksheet is just a tool to help you complete the review and to guide you in preparing the information you will need to complete the Program Recognition Report.

The NCATE Program Recognition Report is the official document that you will submit to NCATE and that will be read by the other members of your team. Your team leader will prepare a team Program Recognition Report and the final Program Recognition Report will be reviewed by the SPA Audit Committee, and then sent to the institution. All of the SPAs use the same format for the NCATE Program Recognition Report.