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Financial Aid Resources for Teacher Education Students

Financial aid is available from a variety of sources and may range from token amounts to full tuition with stipend. Aid may be granted on the basis of need, scholastic achievement, a combination of the two, or any criteria specified by donors.

Information on Sources of Aid

Federal Student Aid Information Center, Phone (800) 433-3243; 8am-7pm (EST); Monday-Friday. Information on financial aid is available from the U.S. Department of Education on its website. Wiredscholar's free scholarship search connects to over 2.4 million awards worth over $14 billion and the database is updated daily.

Colleges and Universities: Request information from an institution's financial aid office.

The College Board: College Cost and Financial Aid Handbook, issued annually by the College Board, is a guide to finding money to pay for college and applying for aid. It can be found in school career centers, media centers, or libraries.
To order a copy, call (800) 323-7155.

Military Organizations: Most active-duty and Army National Guard personnel can take advantage of military tuition assistance programs. The American Legion (phone : (317) 630-1200) annually publishes Need a Lift? that contains listings of financial aid sources for veterans, veterans' families, and all students.

Private Organizations: Organizations and associations interested in teaching usually offer materials on sources of funds for students and, in some cases, actual financial assistance. Financial aid is often directed toward prospective teachers of a subject area related to the focus of an organization. Information on an organizations' functions and addresses can be located by using the subject index in the latest annual edition of the Encyclopedia of Associations in a library. Aid is available to students who will remedy an imbalance in current teaching personnel: i.e., the shortage of minority teachers. The Scholarship Guidebook, produced by the National Urban League (phone: (212) 558-5300) is an excellent source of information.

Reference Service Press ( This website includes up-to-date financial aid directories (available for purchase in both print and electronic formats through Reference Service Press) and other resources representing thousands of funding opportunities and current information available on scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, internships, and other types of funding opportunities. There are financial aid directories specifically geared towards: minorities, women, disabled and families, Christian students, veterans, military personnel and families, high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students, money for specific majors, research abroad, study abroad, and Kaplan Scholarships.

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Note: Neither the ERIC Clearinghouse on Teacher Education nor NCATE provides financial aid.