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Each state has its own set of teacher licensing requirements. You will need to contact your state's Department of Education. They will assess your qualifications and determine what state-specific licensing requirements you must address in order to obtain a license.

One of the many benefits of graduating from an NCATE accredited institution is that graduates generally find it easier to apply for licensure if they move out of state. Graduates of NCATE accredited schools are often able to transfer their existing teacher qualifications from state to state based on NCATE's Specific Reciprocity Agreement. Most states also require a satisfactory score on the state licensing exam. In states without an NCATE specific reciprocity agreement, the state may have additional requirements. Contact your State Contact for more information.

NCATE accreditation is voluntary in most states; However, 50 states currently have partnerships with NCATE, meaning that the state and NCATE conduct joint reviews of colleges of education.

If your state is among the few that does not offer NCATE-accredited schools, you could attend one that is out-of-state. Talk to your state representatives and contact the schools you wish to attend and ask them why they are not professionally accredited. (All other professions require accreditation, whether it be nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, or any other profession).