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ETS Research on Teacher Quality

ETS Conducts Eight-Country Survey of Teacher Education and Certification Policies

Preparing Teachers Around the World (2003) is an ETS study that compares and contrasts teacher education and certification policies in the U.S. with those in Australia, England, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Students in those countries performed as well as or better than students from the U.S. in an international assessment of math and science. These countries have more rigorous entry requirements for teacher education programs than are generally found in U.S. programs. Every high-performing country in this study employs significant regulatory controls on its teachers, almost all more rigorous than what is found in the U.S. To read the full study, go to: (Adobe PDF)

How Teachers Compare: The Prose Document and Quantitative Skills of America's Teachers (1999). This ETS study compared the literacy of teachers to other adults. While teachers display a considerable range of these skills, on the whole they perform quite well. Across all three National Adult Literacy (NALS) scales-prose, document and quantitative, teachers performed significantly higher than the general adult population and scored at similar levels to other college education adults in all three domains. For more information, visit