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Standards Revision Policy

Through the Standards Committee of the Unit Accreditation Board, NCATE engages in a systematic program of review that demonstrates that its standards are adequate to evaluate the quality of the preparation provided by the institutions it accredits and is relevant to the professional needs of its candidates. The UAB Standards Committee is charged with determining that the standards are adequate and relevant.

  1. If either the Executive Board or Unit Accreditation Board determines, at any point during its systematic program of review, that changes to the standards are needed, action will be initiated within 12 months to make the changes. Action for revising the standards must be complete within a reasonable period of time. All accredited institutions, candidates for accreditation, state agencies, and constituent members (including candidates in the units) will be notified of the proposed changes and encouraged to comment on the changes. The Standards Committee will consider the comments received before finalizing the changes and presenting them to the Unit Accreditation Board and Executive Board for adoption.

  2. The Standards Committee may rewrite, eliminate, or add rubrics and/or explanations for clarification or reflection of current and future practice, as appropriate, between standards revision cycles. NCATE staff will distribute proposed changes to accredited institutions, BOE members, and others for comment during the period between UAB meetings. Any revision of standards themselves requires approval by the UAB and ratification by the Executive Board. The President shall communicate the changes to accredited institutions, BOE members, and others. The revised rubrics and/or explanations shall be effective in the semester after approval by the Executive Board.

See also: NCATE’s Constitution, Article IX (Adobe PDF)

rev. 3/01; 10/05