Instructions for Accessing NCATE AIMS Information for State Contacts

A. Login Steps

  1. Step 1: Logon to:

  2. Step 2: Enter your personal ID and Password. All state contacts, state consultants and state team members listed with NCATE are entitled to personal access codes. If you do not know yours contact Shari Francis at

From the AIMS Home Page State Contacts Can Access:

B. AIMS Main Menu

Please note: AIMS is a work in progress. All of the accreditation information will be available beginning with the visits in fall 2008. Much of the current information is available now but not all. We are adding documents and correcting glitches as quickly as possible.

  1. Accreditation Information

    1. Unit lists all units in the state and indicates the current accreditation status, and the dates of the next visit and the last visit.

    2. Programs lists the programs under review in each unit and their national recognition status. Click on icons to the right to access reports. Use the drop down tab in the top left corner to access other semesters.

    3. Annual Reports for all state institutions can be accessed here. Click on the icons to view the reports.

  2. Accreditation Process

    1. Unit Accreditation System (UAS)
    2. Includes institutions with currently scheduled visits and includes the type of institution, type of visit, date of visit. Change the semester in the top left hand corner to view other semesters. Click on the icons to the right to access the Institutional Report (IR) and NCATE BOE (Board of Examiner’s) Report. Click on the name of the institution to see a list of NCATE BOE members assigned to the visit. Click on the name of a member to access contact information.

      With the exception of Evaluation Reports for States, the following are included only if you are a member of a visiting. State consultants and state team members have access to this information only (with the exception of Evaluation Reports for States).

      • Date of Availability and Conflict of Interest Form (If you have been invited to serve on at BOE team.

      • Institutional Information: Includes information about an institution for which YOU are a team member.

      • BOE Team: Includes team member information if you are a member.

      • Visit Reports: Includes institutional reports if you are a team member.

      • BOE Resources: Includes all resources for a visit needed by a team member.

      • BOE Evaluation: Includes evaluation forms if you are a team member.

      • Evaluation Reports for State: Includes evaluations of state team members. Click on the listing to view the evaluation.

    3. Program Review System (PRS): Includes status of current program review decisions (change the semester in the top left hand corner to view other semesters). Click on the icons to access to program reports and final SPA reports.

    4. State Partnership Agreement: State representatives complete the state partnership agreement in preparation for renewing the state/NCATE partnership every seven years. On-line forms are accessible here.

    5. State Roster: Includes the following individuals from your state: primary and secondary state contacts, state consultants (state representatives who attend institutional visits), state BOE members, the chief state school officer, the governor’s education liaison, and the state governor. Please review this roster and send additions or deletions to

    6. Update My Profile: Contact information for state contacts can be updated here.

    7. Contact NCATE: Includes email addresses and phone numbers for NCATE staff

    All state contacts receive automatic email messages informing them of the following and instructing them how to access the information:

    • When an NCATE BOE team chair accepts and assignment to review an institution in the state.

    • When the all the NCATE BOE team members have agreed to review and institution in the state.

    • When the form is available to submit the names and contact information for state team members in states that conduct joint visits.

    • When an institution submits an Institutional Report (IR).

    • When the NCATE BOE report is completed.

    • When the SPA program reports are due to be posted.

AIMS is accessible any time. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact:

Shari Francis, or 202-416-6182.