Professional Development Resources

NCATE Resources for State Staff Seeking Professional Development
NCATE provides a variety of professional development resources for state staff and review team members including:

  • The NCATE Clinic, an annual gathering of state contacts and Specialized Professional Association coordinators to learn about the latest updates from NCATE, hear presentations from national leaders, discuss important accreditation issues, and network with colleagues. NCATE pays the expenses for one representative from each state. The states are also encouraged to send additional staff at the state’s expense.

  • Board of Examiner (BOE) Training is offered without charge to those state contacts willing to serve on BOE teams.  If state employees do not wish to become members of the NCATE BOE they can request attendance as an observer at their own expense. (See also: NCATE BOE Training for State Contacts (Adobe PDF))

  • In-state training for state team members. Please contact NCATE State Relations staff.

  • Institutional Orientation: a semi-annual conference for institutions seeking NCATE accreditation.

Please contact NCATE State Relations staff for more information about any of these options.