Advantages for State Participation in the Partnership Program

The NCATE/State Partnership Program has been designed to save states and institutions time and expense by eliminating duplication of effort and paper work in conducting state approval and NCATE accreditation reviews of teacher education institutions. 

The Partnership also includes many additional advantages for state partners: 

  1. NCATE’s Accreditation Information Management System (AIMS) is an on-line database that is accessible to state officials. Through AIMS state agencies can

    1. update their partnership agreement,

    2. access all pertinent accreditation documents for the institutions in their state,

    3. see the status of program review decisions,

    4. find the names and contact information for BOE team members involved in current accreditation visits. (See also: Introduction to AIMS)

  2. NCATE provides a variety professional development resources including:

    1. Board of Examiner Training without charge to those state contacts willing to serve on NCATE BOE teams.

    2. Training for State Team Members at a time and venue chosen by the state.

    3. The Institutional Orientation a semi yearly conference with updates from NCATE and workshops on all aspects of the accreditation process.

  3. The NCATE Clinic is an annual gathering of all state contacts and Specialized Professional Association coordinators to learn about the latest updates from NCATE, hear presentations from national leaders, discuss important accreditation issues, and network with colleagues.  NCATE pays all the expenses for one representative from each state and from each specialized professional association.

  4. Permission to use NCATE resources for state reviews as long as appropriate credit is given NCATE.

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