State Online Agreement FAQ

How do I log on to start work on the Partnership Agreement?

Go to AIMS Member Login in the top right hand corner of any web page.  Use your personal ID and password sent you by NCATE staff. On the left hand menu click on "State Partnership Agreement."

Can I leave the form at any time and come back?

Yes. Scroll to the bottom of the form you're working on, and click on the "Save and Quit" button. Your answers will be saved by the system.

I realized I made a mistake in filling out the form. Can I go back and change it?

Yes. You can continue to update and change information on your form until you click "submit" and send the final completed agreement to NCATE.

I’ve submitted my final form, but now realize I need to make changes, and I can't open the application form. What do I do?

Contact the NCATE State Relations staff. The staff can unlock the form, so you can revise the aggreement.

What does “two-way” or “three-way” partnership mean?

Most NCATE/state partnerships are between NCATE and one state agency, usually the state department of education, or an independent standards board resulting in a two-way partnership (NCATE and the state agency). In some cases, the partnership is between NCATE, and two state agencies, such as the higher education commission thus, a three-way partnership.

Why do I have to submit standard alignment forms, if my state is not looking to award national recognition of programs?

In order for NCATE to defer the program review process to the state, NCATE must have the assurance that the state’s program standards are sufficiently aligned with NCATE program standards whether or not the state is requesting the authority to award national recognition to programs.  Program review documentation is essential to the review team as it considers NCATE Standard One. 

My state agency conducts the review, but has adopted NCATE program standards. Do I have to submit standards alignment forms? Do I have to fill out the section about the state’s process in conducting the program reviews?

The state must submit state policy that substantiates the claim that the state has adopted NCATE program standards. Since the state will be conducting the reviews it is still necessary to submit a description of the state’s process. This will be evaluated by the State Partnership Board.