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EXHIBITOR SESSION: Fortify the Teacher-Student Connection  Glen Thaxton, GoReact

EXHIBITOR SESSION: Harnessing Better Data for Educator Preparation
Webster Thompson, Taskstream
  Strategies for Writing the Self-Study Report: Selected Improvement Jessica Menjivar, CAEP; Tatiana Rivadeneyra, CAEP
  Strategies for Writing the Self-Study Report: Inquiry Brief Glenda Breaux, CAEP; Bradley Duncan, CAEP
  Improving Teacher Candidate Quality through High Impact Clinical Partnerships and Practices Donna Fine, Volusia County Schools; Peggy Fox, Volusia Center for Excellence in Education; Rajni Shankar-Brown, Volusia Center for Excellence in Education; Lawana Walden, Volusia Center for Excellence in Education; Willis Walter, Bethune-Cookman University
  Strategies for Addressing Challenging CAEP Standard Components 3.2, 4.1, and 5.2 for Initial Licensure Programs Jennifer Carinci, CAEP; Emerson Elliott, CAEP Consultant
  Innovative Clinical Apprenticeship for Preparation of Teachers: A Mutually Beneficial and Successful Clinical Partnership Sharon Ball, Eastern Kentucky University; Ramona Davis, Corbin Independent School District; Connie B. Hodge, Eastern Kentucky University; Peggy C. Petrilli, Eastern Kentucky University
  CAEP Standard 1 Banhi Bhattacharya, CAEP; Tatiana Rivadeneyra, CAEP
  A Statewide Student Teacher Evaluation Tool Sarah Anderson, Mayville State University; Stacy Duffield, North Dakota State University; Al Olson, Valley City State University
  Two Effective Strategies to Demonstrate Teacher Candidate Impact in P-12 Settings Mark Deschaine, Central Michigan University; Ray Francis, Central Michigan University; Gina Garner, Aquinas College
  CAEP Standards 1 & 2 for Advanced-Level Programs Glenda Breaux, CAEP
  Preparing a Successful Self-Study Report: Lessons Learned Margie Crutchfield, CAEP Consultant
  Engaging Faculty in Quality Assurance Through Online Professional Seminars Linda McKee, AACTE
  EXHIBITOR SESSION: Putting Your Best Foot Forward (a.k.a. Telling Your Story Convincingly) Lance Tomei, University of Central Florida
  CAEP Standard 2 Tatiana Rivadeneyra, CAEP
  Preparing for Your Site Visit Cole Bowers, CAEP
  Improving the Practices of Teacher Candidates and Teacher Educators through the Use of Video-Case Analysis Lisa Barron, Austin Peay State University; Brett Criswell, University of Kentucky
  Data Rich but Information Poor: How to Revise Your Assessments to Improve Your Program. Keith Nobles, The College at Brockport, State University of New York (SUNY); Carol H. Wade, The College at Brockport, State University of New York (SUNY)
  Program Review as part of the CAEP Accreditation Process Banhi Bhattacharya, CAEP
  A Look Inside the Accreditation Council Patty Garvin, CAEP
  CAEP Standard 3 Tatiana Rivadeneyra, CAEP
  Understanding CAEP Fees and Accreditation Costs Keisha Walker, CAEP
  Partnering for Success: Reciprocal Teaching in Action Christine Knaggs, Adrian College; Dawn Milner, Lourdes University
  Using the Published Educational/Psychological Testing Standards as “Accepted Research Standards” for Validity and Reliability Judy R. Wilkerson, Florida Gulf Coast University; Christopher M. Parfitt, Florida Gulf Coast University
  Engaging Faculty in Quality Assurance Through Online Professional Seminars Linda McKee, AACTE
  Integrating Improvement Approaches into Accreditation: Ideas, Opportunities and Challenges Ash Vasudeva, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  CAEP Standard 4 Glenda Breaux, CAEP
  CAEP's Family Engagement Modules Jennifer Carinci, CAEP
  Beyond Academic Ability: Measuring a Candidate's Dispositions and Attributes at Admission Betsy VanDeusen Macleod, Central Michigan University; Kristina Rouech, Central Michigan University
  Partnering to Develop Statewide Key Assessments Diana Cheshire, Samford University; David Crowe, Auburn University; Rhonda Morton, Auburn University Montgomery; Lou Anne Worthington, University of Alabama Birmingham
  Site Visit Preparation: Practical Strategies for Educator Preparation Providers Roberta Ross-Fisher, Western Governors University
  Program Review as Part of the CAEP Accreditation Process Banhi Bhattacharya, CAEP
  Opportunities & Decisions: The Transition from Paper to Tk20 Matthew J. Ramsey, Benedictine College
  CAEP Standard 5 Glenda Breaux, CAEP
  The Conversation: Tracking AFIs and Stipulations from Formative Feedback to the Accreditation Council Margie Crutchfield, CAEP Consultant 
  Using a Teacher-Designed Competency Map to Provide Student Teachers High-Quality Feedback Freeda Pirillis, Hope Street Group; Lauren Stuart, Hope Street Group
  SPA Success Stories
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Sue Brown, University of Houston Clear Lake; Dawn Johnson-Tate, Bowie State University; Karen Wright, Harding University; Sabata Morris, CAEP
  The CAEP Experience: A Panel Discussion Aaron Popham, Brigham Young University; Roberta Ross-Fisher, Western Governors University; Kate Steffens, Walden University; Pamela Young, University of Dayton; Bradley Duncan, CAEP; Lewis McIlwain, CAEP; Richard Rice, CAEP
  Using Surveys to Address CAEP Standard 4: Program Impact Myra Lovett, University of Louisiana Monroe; Shalanda Stanley, University of Louisiana Monroe
  Redesigning Teacher Preparation: Processes for Coherence, Continuity, & Consistency Clare V. Bell, University of Missouri Kansas City; Etta R. Hollins, University of Missouri Kansas City; Connor K. Warner, University of Missouri Kansas City
  CAEP's Assessment Evaluation Framework for EPP-Created Assessments Used in Accreditation: What's New? Deb Eldridge, CAEP Consultant
  CAEP Standards 3, 4, & 5 for Advanced-Level Programs Glenda Breaux, CAEP; Tatiana Rivadeneyra, CAEP
  Listening to Great Teachers: Findings from the Good to Great Study Series Catherine Jacques, Center on Great Teachers and Leaders
  The Impact of Teacher Dispositions on High-Minority/Low-Socioeconomic Schools Gregory E. Ross, ACE Corp Educational Services/Fayette County (KY) Public Schools
  Reporting and Using Internship Placement Diversity Data for Decision Making Zafer Unal, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
  Valid and Reliable Student Teaching Instrument! Erica M. Brownstein, The Ohio State University; Kristall J. Day, Ohio Dominican University; Carolyn S. Kaplan, The Ohio State University; Xiangquan Yao, The Ohio State University
  Getting Involved: Volunteer Opportunities at CAEP Cole Bowers, CAEP; Bradley Duncan, CAEP; Sabata Morris, CAEP
  Multilingual, Multicultural, Multimedia: Transforming Assessment in Teacher Education Melda Yildiz, Kean University