Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 CAEP Conferences 


Call for Presentations

CAEP Conferences:
Fall 2019 in Washington DC
Spring 2020 - Location coming soon

Submit Proposal | Final Submission Due 12/30/2018

The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) invites you to submit a conference presentation proposal based on work in the field of educator preparation accreditation.

The CAEP Conference (CAEPCon) is a forum to collaborate around the CAEP Accreditation process. CAEPCon presentations are an opportunity to:

  • Showcase continuous improvement and transformational practice efforts
  • Gain information on the CAEP Accreditation process

Why Present?

  • Bring your ideas, findings, and successes to your peers
  • Gain visibility for your work related to accreditation and program improvement
  • Share your knowledge and experience at an academic conference
  • Network with potential collaborators in educator preparation

Invitational Topics

CAEPCon attendees are working toward the continuous improvement of programs and building strategies for a positive accreditation experience. Presentation topics should be aligned to one of the CAEP Standards or the accreditation process generally. Ideas for topics are not limited to but may include:

  • Preparation of teacher candidates to develop discipline-specific practices and facilitate P-12 students’ achievement of college- and career-ready standards -- Standard 1
  • Mutually beneficial clinical experience effectiveness, especially those that facilitate shared expectations for, development of, and evaluation of candidates/clinical educators -- Standard 2
  • Recruiting increasingly diverse and able candidates; connecting candidate selection and progression factors to effectiveness in the field and monitoring candidate progression -- Standard 3
  • Strategies for tracking and assessing effectiveness of completers in service -- Standard 4
  • Program improvement: Data quality, data literacy, and data use -- Standard 5
  • Scholarship: Using accreditation data and educator preparation research to inform the field
  • Establishing validity and inter-rater reliability of assessments
  • Developing assessments for advanced-level programs

Submission Criteria

Strong proposals are grounded in evidence consistent with the CAEP Standards. Submissions are evaluated by CAEP’s program committee using the following four criteria:

  1. Content aligned to CAEP Standards or in support of the accreditation process
  2. Clearly stated, relevant goals
  3. Engaging program format that appropriately involves the audience
  4. Conceptually strong foundation with appropriate documented research and/or evidence

Preparing Proposal

All of the following information is required:

  • Primary Presenter’s Name and Affiliation*
  • Contact Information: Telephone number and email address
  • Names and Affiliations of Additional Presenters in order of appearance, including any educational titles*
  • Title of Presentation Maximum of 12 words* Session Description: Maximum of 50 words*
  • Session Goals:  Describe what participants will learn at your session by listing up to three learning goals (e.g., participants will learn practical applications for using data and evaluations to improve teacher preparation programs)
  • Session Focus: Choose a category (Evidence-Based Practice, Research, Other (please specify)) that best represents the overall focus of your presentation
  • Session Summary: A summary of your presentation and how it relates to the topic area described above. Include how participants might apply this to their practice, as well as citations of any research or evidential basis for the strategies or results presented. Note: If you selected the research focus category above, please make sure your summary includes research questions, methods, analysis, findings, and implications
  • Session Outline: Provide an outline of the main points your session will address and indicate how any activities that will actively engage participants will be used to support learning
  • Session Style: Describe the format or style of this session, e.g., small group, lecture, panel, etc.
  • Topic Area Identification: Select the topic area that best describes the focus of your submission
  • Conference Availability: Select the conference(s) for which you are both available to present and want your submission to be considered (2019 Fall CAEPCon only, 2020 Spring CAEPCon only, or either 2019 Fall CAEPCon or 2020 Spring CAEPCon). 
*as it would appear in the conference program.

Before Submitting Proposal: Presentation Policies

  • Incomplete proposals will not be considered
  • Due to the volume of submissions, CAEP will not follow up on incomplete proposals
  • Presentations should not rely on access to the web
  • Presenters may not use their presentations for product sales or demonstrations
  • Presenters may not sell or promote any commercial product
  • Proposals are subject to quality assurance review by CAEP staff
  • Presenters should refrain from explicitly claiming items "meet CAEP Standard(s)" or CAEP Policy
  • Presenters are responsible for ensuring that they own the copyrights to all materials or that they have obtained appropriate permissions for use
  • Should your presentation/paper be accepted, the lead presenter is responsible for contacting co-presenters, coordinating travel/hotel arrangements, and ensuring all have registered for the event in order to present

Proposal Timeline

  • December 30, 2018 | Submission deadline
  • January 31, 2019 | Notification of Acceptance
  • February 15, 2019 | Presenters accept their selection by
  • February 28, 2018 | All submissions are notified

CAEP Conference Dates

Spring 2019 - Location Sheraton, Denver CO

March 18, 2019 – March 21, 2019

Questions about your proposal?

Please contact Vince O’Neill  
by email or at 202-753-1658 if you have any questions or require additional information.