The CAEP Handbook: Initial-Level Programs 2018 has been developed to provide EPPs guidance on how best to make a case for meeting the CAEP Standards for Initial Programs. CAEP is laying out a single core accreditation process in a streamlined fashion, eliminating redundancies and providing greater clarity. The handbook is meant to help inform EPP teams preparing the self-study report at the initial-licensure level.

The CAEP Handbook: Initial-Level Programs 2018 is the source of the procedures for nearly all aspects of CAEP accreditation. It is a valuable resource for educator preparation provider (EPP) faculty and administrators, state agencies, site teams, the Accreditation Council, and other organizations.

View the Highlight Features of the CAEP Handbook: Initial-Level Programs 2018 for an overview.

Download the CAEP Accreditation Handbook (Version 3, March 2016)