Teacher Preparation Analytics (TPA) Report for a More Evidence-Based System of Teacher Preparation

CAEP commissioned a report from Teacher Preparation Analytics (TPA) to help move forward the creation of a more evidence-based system of teacher preparation. CAEP intends the TPA Report and their suggested Key Effectiveness Indicators as a starting point for a much needed discussion.

Why did CAEP commission this report?

  1. To generate a national discussion of the measures, incorporating which measures are most meaningful as well as how to achieve more common measures across states and CAEP, that should be part of a system for reporting teacher preparation key effectiveness indicators;
  2. To align CAEP accreditation with these reporting systems as closely as possible to strengthen accreditation, facilitate state data collection and reporting, and reduce reporting burdens for EPPs; and
  3. To promote collaboration and best practices among states, CAEP, and other stakeholders (such as piloting new measures, sharing information on requirements for building strong data systems, and related issues).

In these ways, the report will help CAEP and its collaborators frame how to move forward so that teacher preparation data by 2020 will be strong, informative, and useful. From CAEP’s perspective, this is one of the greatest challenges and opportunities for our field.

Read the full report here.

Read the report highlights here.