CAEP Program Review with Feedback is one of three program review options. The options available to educator preparation providers (EPPs) are determined by the state in which the EPP is located. For detailed information on the CAEP Program Review with Feedback option please refer to the Technical Guide.

About the CAEP Program Review with Feedback Option as Evidence to Meet CAEP Standard 1

Evidence for the CAEP Program Review with Feedback option is developed through the analysis of data, disaggregated by specialty licensure area and submitted with the self-study report. EPPs provide specialty licensure area data as evidence to meet CAEP Standard 1 for initial licensure (Standard 1) or advanced-level programs (Standard A.1). The evidence is built into the self-study process and does not require an additional report. EPPs submit the self-study report nine months before the scheduled site visit.

About Feedback to Providers

The CAEP site team reviews program-level evidence presented as part of the self-study report submitted for CAEP Review with Feedback. The site team provides feedback on CAEP Standard 1 to the provider and to the state through the Formative Feedback Review (FFR) and site reports. The FFR is based on guidance provided in the CAEP Evidence Guide (found on the CAEP Accreditation Resources page). The FFR allows providers an opportunity to address concerns and to present stronger evidence in support of meeting Standard 1 before the site visit. The FFR may also be used by the state to understand the extent to which the program meets state specific expectations. Final reports are submitted to the Accreditation Council and reviewed to determine the extent to which a program provides substantial evidence to meet CAEP Standard 1 (or A.1).