Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Standards The 2010 Standards for the Recognition of Initial TESOL Programs in P–12 ESL Teacher Education are applicable to program reports submitted through 2021. The new Standards for Initial TESOL Pre-K–12 Teacher Preparation Programs were approved in late 2018. Programs can use either the 2010 or 2018 standards through Fall 2021. Beginning in 2022 programs submitting initial reports must use the 2018 standards. See link for the Standards for the TESOL 2010 and 2018 standards.
Report Forms Option A Program Report Form (2009 Standards)

Option B Program Report Form (2009 Standards)
Instructions Option A Instructions (2009 Standards)

Option B Instructions (2009 Standards)
 Resources TESOL Assessment 1 Example
  TESOL Assessment 2 Example 1 
  TESOL Assessment 2 Example 2
  TESOL Assessment 3 Example
  TESOL Assessment 4 Example
  TESOL Assessment 5 Example
  TESOL Assessment 6 Example