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The Exit Conference

An exit conference is designed for the BOE team chair, state co-chair, and state consultant to report the team’s findings to the unit head and the NCATE coordinator. The institution’s president and provost may attend the exit conference as well. Exit conferences with institutional representatives other than those who have been most directly involved with preparing for the visit are strongly discouraged. Although the BOE team chair usually represents the team at this meeting, other team members may join the chair at the exit conference.

The BOE team chair reports the team’s findings, indicating the team’s recommendations. The chair summarizes of areas for improvement (if any) that the team plans to cite in the written BOE report. The chair’s summary should be supported in the final written report. The chair should inform the institutional representatives that the team will review their report again after the visit and it is possible that another area for improvement that is suggested in the findings section of the report may be added to the list of areas for improvement in the final written report. The chair should also stress that the BOE team makes recommendations regarding standards being met and areas for improvement. The UAB may accept their recommendations or change them; the final decision about accreditation and areas for improvement is the responsibility of the UAB, not the BOE team.

Before the exit conference concludes, the team chair should remind the unit head that he/she will have an opportunity to check the final draft of the BOE report for factual errors. The unit head should be encouraged to submit a rejoinder that responds to the areas for improvement and concerns raised in the BOE report. The full exit conference is usually less than 15 minutes long and does not allow institutional representatives to debate the team’s findings.