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The On-Site Visit

Visit Schedule

All team members are expected to arrive on Sunday morning for the visit, which typically starts on Sunday afternoon. Based on flight availability, some team members may travel and arrive on Saturday. Saturday arrival should be discussed with the team chair, so appropriate accommodations can be made with the unit.  

The exit conference is scheduled between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday (Wednesday in the case of first visits), depending on the amount of time the team needs to complete its report. All team members are expected to work with the team until noon on Tuesday unless notified of a different time by the team chair. When the institution is located far from an airport, team members should not plan a flight until late afternoon or evening. In some cases, one or more team members may have to stay over on Tuesday night in a hotel near the airport. Some team chairs choose to finalize the BOE report on Tuesday, leaving the area on Wednesday. If team members cannot arrange to work until noon on Tuesday, they should not accept the assignment.

Institutional Presentation

The visit template includes the option for a presentation by the institution at the Sunday evening meeting with the team. Most institutions use this opportunity to describe their vision, major improvements since the last visit, and exemplary practices. 

To highlight its programs, an institution and the team chair may decide a poster session on Sunday is appropriate. In these sessions team members can move around to talk with faculty and see operations and programs in action. These sessions might include candidates, faculty, and/or other members of the professional community. Due to the shorter, more streamlined visits that now occur, the team chair may ask the unit not to host a poster session. The institution may also choose to opt out of hosting a poster session as well. This option should be discussed with the team chair at the previsit or earlier.