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Visiting Field Sites

The visit template suggests that team members visit P-12 schools during the on-site visit to talk with interns, internship supervisors, principals, and others in the school about the quality of the unit’s programs, interns, graduates, and relationships with P-12 schools. At the previsit, the BOE team chair and institutional representatives must decide how to conduct an adequate review of field sites. Institutional representatives should provide a list of area schools in which interns are placed as well as the number of interns placed in each school, the diversity of the student body, and the distance from campus. During the previsit or soon after, the team chair should select P-12 schools to be visited by the team.

For most institutions, it will be impossible for a BOE team member to visit all schools that provide field experiences for candidates. To the extent possible, the team’s visits to field sites should provide a sampling of experiences across different grade levels and classroom populations. The choice of field site visits should also include internship placements for advanced level candidates when applicable. If the institution has professional development schools or other sites where innovations in university-school collaboration exist, team members should visit one or more of them. If the institution places some interns in PDSs and others in more traditional partner schools, the team should plan to visit both types of sites.