NCATE Materials for All Team Members

All materials needed to conduct an accreditation review are posted in AIMS. Team members are responsible for reviewing, downloading, and/or printing the materials needed to complete the onsite visit.

 Resources in AIMS for BOE Members

From the left hand menu of a BOE member's AIMS space, a variety of resources needed to conduct a thorough review of the unit and its programs are available. The graphic below outlines what a BOE member will find by clicking on certain menu items in AIMS. 

BOE members should consult their team chair with questions regarding anything they find in AIMS before attempting to contact the unit. 

Resources Available by the BOE Team Chair

BOE team chairs will provide critical information to BOE team members regarding the accreditation visit. Exactly what the team chair provides, when he/she provides it, and how often are based on the personal preferences of the team chair.

Information that should be provided to BOE members by the team chair includes:

  • Information regarding travel, including dates and times for arrival and departure, airports to use when booking flights, ground transportation arrangements, and hotel arrangements. 
  • Writing assignments for both the offsite and onsite BOE reports. 
  • Visit schedule that is specific to the unit being visited (may not be be provided until arrival onsite).
  • Other information pertinent to the visit which was provided by the unit via email or phone call to the team chair. 

Resources Available on the Web

National and state BOE team members, state consultants, and representatives from state NEA and AFT affiliates should visit the Board of Examiner's Resources section to retrieve other appropriate materials. Most of the documents are in a Microsoft Word format and can be downloaded to be completed before, during, and after the visit. On the resources page, BOE members will find sample BOE reports, guidelines for writing and submitting BOE reports in AIMS, timelines for BOE reports, style guides, and more. 

Team members may also wish to view the most recent BOE update and the state protocol for the state which they are visiting in order to fully prepare for the accreditation visit.