NCATE Materials for Team Chairs


BOE team chairs may wish to access the page on Materials for BOE Team Members, as much of the same information will apply to BOE team chairs.

BOE team chairs will also be responsible for:

  • Initiating contact with the unit once the assignment is accepted
  • Arranging the previsit with the unit and state representatives
  • Collecting travel information, dietary needs and any special accommodation requests from team members
  • Facilitating team discussion both at the offsite review and onsite visit
  • Making writing assignments for BOE team members for both the offsite and onsite reports
  • Compiling, completing and submitting the BOE reports in AIMS (with the state co-chair if applicable)
  • Giving the exit report to the unit at the end of the onsite visit

NCATE is currently developing a comprehensive toolbox for BOE team chairs.  This information will be available here when it is complete.